Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Create Your Own Sculpture

Step One: Acquire Materials
For Materials you will need, 24 and 12 gauge steel wire, Pliers, A Brick of Sculpy, a Wooden Plaque, two part apoxy putty, tin/ aluminum foil and sculpting tools.

Step Two: Creating Armature
First eye feet spacing on piece of wood, and drill two wholes for armature wire to fit in into wood. Next using your drawings of the character rough out an armature design over top like so.

Then braid a 12 gauge steel and bend it into shape of your rough design and apoxy feet into base of the wood.

Step Three: Creating the Arms & Hands
Using the 12 gauge steel wire braid a length of wire to create the arm like so, while also taking the 1/16 aluminum wire and create a silhouette of the hand. Next Braid the fingers and wrap the hand wires around the arm wire like so.. finish off by adding two part apoxy putty to the center of the hand to keep the fingers and thumb in place.

Step Four: Creating Complete Under Structure
Using apoxy attach arms to shoulders & create a slimmer silhouette of the determined final shape with tin foil like so.. (Hold tin foil in place with a extremely thin wire such as a 24 gauge)

Step Five: Applying Sculpy
Next start balling up little balls of sculpy and roll them into noddle like shapes and start applying to armature to start building a desired silhouette like so.. dont be afraid of leaving places of the shape bigger and smaller because you will be moving all the sculpy around to create final shape anyways.

Step 6: Finessing Sculpy
Now using your favorite sculpting tools push around and smooth out noodles to create a complete base shape like so.. after which you can start adding final details such as ears, hair, eyes, mouth, fingers, rings and clothing details.

Step 7: Creating Briefcase
Firstly create a skeleton of the briefcase with tin foil while creating the handle with 1/16 aluminum wire wrapped with 24 gauge steeling wire for grip when applying sculpy. finsih off by adding sculpy and bake in house hold oven for 15 mins at 275 degrees.

Step 8: Final Product

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