Saturday, July 23, 2011

Character Sculpt: Satori

For the past four years I have been achieving my graduate degree in animation at Sheridan college. I have spent my time drawing and creating art around some of the most talented artists i know. It wasn't until I finished that I realized how blessed I was to consistently see so many styles and approaches to creating interestingly believable/ lovable characters. Being so I reached out to fellow artist asking them if it would be ok to sculpt there personal sytle'd characters. I plan to not only extend the diversity of my sculpting ability and portfolio but also give fellow artist the chance to see their 2d characters in a 3 dimensional form.

This character, Pandey, was created by the very talented Abhilasha Dewan! Pandey is the Main character of Abhilasha's Short Film Satori...

Here's Abhilasha's short film- Satori

Satori from Abhilasha Dewan on Vimeo.

The film and more can be found on Abhilasha's web site..

Here is the Sculpture I created based off one of my favorite scenes from Abhi's film. Unfortunately I couldn't create appealing enough looking sunglasses so I decided to leave them off..